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No other toy probably exudes timeless elegance and brings fond memories of our childhood more than the classic wooden rocking horse.

For generations, rocking horses have carved their places in every child’s gentle and carefree years, serving as a great companion for young riders’ developing imagination. To give this toy to one’s children or grandchildren is to bequeath a family legacy. That’s why it’s essential to choose a beautiful and quality piece that’s sure to last for generations.

At The Woodcarvers Haven, we can provide you with a fine quality, handcrafted artisan piece for you to give as a present or display as a home accessory. We can also teach you how to create your own. The Woodcarvers Haven is a specialist wood carving, woodturning and cabinetmaking school in Australia. We teach wood carving of period furniture, sculptures, as well as rocking horse making. Our expert woodcarver and craftsman himself facilitates the classes. We also offer rocking horse restoration, and supply woodcarving kits and an excellent range of handcrafted items.





Exquisite Selection of Rocking Horse for Sale in Australia

The Woodcarvers Haven is passionate about providing families with a superb selection of premium quality horses in Australia. They come in small, medium, large and bow styles. They are completely finished, issued with a certificate, and individually numbered for those wanting an heirloom horse of high quality. Our range of horses come in painted finish or natural timber finish. We use Jelutong, Mahogany, Huon Pine, Walnut and many other timbers.

We also do a range of extra carved horses for the more discerning buyer. You won't find any other classic wooden toy of this standard anywhere else in Australia than from The Woodcarvers Haven.

Contact Us Today to Learn More about Our Products and Courses

With our exquisite collection of rocking horse for sale, every child's bedroom and every family's home can now have a beautiful wooden toy that can be a precious family heirloom.

Learn more about The Woodcarvers Havens here, or contact us today to enquire about our woodcarving classes or to purchase one of our classic wooden horses and quality handcrafted items. We will be more than happy to assist you.


We teach the following classes

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Finished Rocking Horses

Issued with Certificate and individually numbered. Painted or polished timber.



All parts to make your own or restore a horse.  


Wood Carving

Rocking Horse making, Period Furniture and Sculpturing. 




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Wooden Rocking Horses
Small & Bow Rocker Horse
Medium Horse 
Large Horse
Extra Carved Horse
Make Your Own/Restoration
Body Kits
Plans/Dvds and Tools
Wood Carving
Wood Turning
Cabinet Making